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Professional Technology Home Inspection Company, LLC - Why Get An Inspection

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime, so you should be sure that the home you want to buy is in good condition. A home inspection is a visual examination and analysis of the property, as to all structural and mechanical conditions that are visible and accessible. During the home inspection, Pro-Tech takes an in-depth and impartial look at the property you plan to buy.

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When you make a written offer on a home, you should insist that the contract state that the offer is contingent on a home inspection conducted by a qualified inspector. You will have to pay for the inspection yourself, but it could keep you from buying a house that will cost you far more in repairs down the road. If you are satisfied with the results of the inspection, then your offer can proceed.

Selling your home? Having your home inspected prior to selling it can help you sell it. Since everyone involved becomes more familiar with the property’s current condition, a professional home inspection helps to ensure fewer surprises in a real estate transaction. By making repairs and disclosing the home's condition to a prospective buyer before negotiations begin, you can create an atmosphere of good faith and instill confidence about your home's condition. This, in turn, may help sell your home faster and closer to your listing price. This can help to decrease the issues that can sometimes slow down or even stop a sale.


Here is a list of the following items that are inspected.

Proper Grading
Attic Crawl
Exterior Coverings
Masonry Veneer
Gutters and Downspouts
Plumbing Systems
Electrical Systems
Heating Systems
Built-in Appliances
Bathroom and Plumbing Fixtures
Interior walls, ceilings and floors
Plus many other visual aspects of the structure

It is best to be present at the time of the inspection however, it is not mandatory. We do recommend your involvement so you can become familiar with your new home and ask specific questions as situations arise. You can always contact us once the inspection is completed if any questions about your new home do arise.

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